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Api-Bioxal - Oxalic Acid in 35g bag

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Api-Bioxal: veterinary medicinal product based on Oxalic Acid (soluble powder containing 88.6g of Oxalic Acid Bihydrate as an active ingredient in 100g of finished product), freely available for sale, without prescription by veterinary surgeons.  

Api-Bioxal ensures safe and effective pest control throughout the year in an integrated Varroa Destructor programme. 

The use of Api-Bioxal is permitted, by the laws that regulate the BIOLOGICAL APICOLTURE for the fight against Varroa (EEC2092/91 of 24 June 1991 and subsequent amendments).  

Recommended use:

In summer, it requires the technique of brood-blocking induced blockade, especially in those cases where already in June symptoms of high Varroa levels are recorded.
Treat the entire apiary.
Treat without an aquarium.
Method of use: 
1) Dripping: 5 ml of the solution (dissolve 35 g of Api-Bioxal in 500 ml of syrup, obtained from water/saccharose 1:1) per honeycomb occupied by bees, in a single administration. 
2) Sublimation: 2.3 g in the sublimation apparatus, observing the manufacturer's instructions.    

1 Envelope contains 35g of Oxalic Acid Bihydrate, indicated for 10 hives* if used by dripping (*considering 10 frames occupied by bees)

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