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ApiHerb Pack 40gr

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Although not known by all beekeepers, nosemiasis is, together with Varroa, one of the main scourges that bees have to face.

Virtually impossible to eradicate once the colony is infected, the only solution is prevention through nutrition. A strong colony will be able to withstand a possible infection better.

ApiHerb is the right product for your bees. Complementary feed made with officinal herbs and B vitamins, it allows to keep the digestive system and the intestinal flora of bees efficient.

Made with natural products (mainly garlic and cinnamon), it gives the colony an extraordinary strength, therefore capable of becoming more numerous (on average by 25%) and more resistant.

The 40 gram pack allows you to feed up to 4 hives.


From spring to late summer with temperatures possibly higher than 10 ° C, in the absence of a honeycomb. It contributes to maintaining a correct intestinal balance in adult specimens, making them healthier and stronger.




Mix 4 grams of product in 50 ml of sugar syrup, then drop 50 ml of this preparation directly on the frames of the hive. Repeat this for at least 3 times every week.
It is recommended to prepare the solution about 12 hours before use by storing it in a cool and dark place, until the time of administration. Once mixed, the solution should be used within 48 hours.

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