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APIVAR - Pack of 10 strips

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APIVAR - Veterinary medicine based on Amitraz against Varroa. Pack of 10 strips.

The most used Amitraz strip in Italy and in the world, with 98% efficacy

Apivar 500mg beehive strips for bees, sachet containing 10 strips (5 double strips) for the prevention and treatment of external parasitic disorders due to Varroa jacobsoni or Varroa destructor.

The active ingredient amitraz has insecticidal and acaricidal activity and acts by contact, inhibiting neuronal transmission and causing neurotoxicity. Varroa is paralyzed and naturally eliminated by falling by gravity.


Use 2 strips of Apivar per hive (10 frames). Separate the & nbsp; double strip and arrange each strip between two frames where & nbsp; the greatest activity of the bees is observed, maintaining a & nbsp; distance of at least two frames between one and the other. To ensure a greater contact surface, fit the strip between the & nbsp; two frame holder bars or fix it using the special & nbsp; suspension hole


Leave the strips inside the hive for at least 42 days and remove for disposal. In case of removal of the strips inside the hive, they must be repositioned and left in the hive extending the treatment for 14 days before removing them. The strips must be removed after a maximum of 56 days, and must not be reused.


Arrange Apivar inside the hives in autumn or spring depending on the degree of infestation of the varroa. The recommended treatment period is & nbsp; spring (before the time when the bees collect nectar) and in autumn (after removing the supers).

Important: Do not use the Apivar treatment in the presence of supers.


It is advisable to do the treatment simultaneously to all colonies of the apiary to avoid recontamination, and not to exceed the recommended doses.


There are no known contraindications.


Honey: 0 days.


1) Treat all the hives of the same apiary simultaneously to avoid looting
2) Carry out the treatments in the absence of a honey superself
3) Do not reuse the strip at the end of the treatment
4) If the glomere move reposition the strip and leave it for a further 14 days before removing it
5) Remove the propolis that eventually covers the strip

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