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MAQS Antivarroa 20 Stripes

Code: 9242

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Acaricide treatment for the integrated control of Varroa, containing 10 bags of 2 strips each for a total of 20 strips. The treatment for each bag is 7 days.

The active principle of the Maqs strips is formic acid which is able to act even under the operculum, determining mortality and infertility in varroa during the reproductive phase. MAQS does not present risks to the environment and cannot cause the contamination of hive products.

The pack of 10 bags allows you to treat 10 hives.

The strips consist of plant-based gel containing formic acid.


Once the hive is prepared, carefully remove the strips from the sachet and separate the two strips.
It is important not to remove the eco-paper coating, because this coating acts as a filter, that is, it controls the release rate of the active substance. For hives with single or double brood chambers, carry out the treatment on the upper bars of the lower brood chamber frames.
Do not use any additional spacers.
Lay two strips, distributing them so that they lie flat and across the width of the brood chamber, with approximately 5 cm between the strips and 10 cm between the ends of the brood chamber and the outer edges of the strips.

The lower entrance to the hive must be open the full width of the hive, at least 13 mm in height, for the entire duration of the treatment (7 days), without barriers in the brood chamber.
In hives with permanently reduced entrances take appropriate measures to provide similar ventilation windows.

In the leaflet attached the drawings of how to apply the strips.
The strips can be applied during honey production; at the time of application, prepare the supers if necessary to allow adequate space for the expansion of strong colonies, or if a
early honey production.

It is acceptable to have queen-excluders in place

Most of the ingredients / excipients of the formulation are food grade sugar and starch with a biodegradable / compostable paper wrapper.
The strips should not be removed from the hive after the 7 day application period as the honey bees dispose of the spent strips.
If these are removed, they can be disposed of by composting.

Colonies should have good food reserves prior to treatment and should not be hive-fed during treatment.


Each strip (146 g) contains: Formic acid 68.2 g.


7 days


10cm x 20cm x 0.4cm

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