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Polyvar Yellow Bayer 10 strips

Code: 9241

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PolyVar Yellow® Api Bayer 275 mg in packs of 10 strips for 5 hives

New product for the treatment of Varroa of bees, based on Flumetrina in pack of 10 strips.

The strips are applied directly in the entrance of the hive: the strips are perforated, and act by contact, in this way the bees are forced to enter and exit the hive only through the holes in the strips, transporting the active ingredient (Flumethrin) in the whole hive. Transmission to the other bees in the nest occurs by contact.


In the standard hive, 2 strips are applied side by side to the entrance of the hive itself, so as to cover the entire entrance.

The strips must not be cut but left intact. The package contains only the strips to be applied at the entrance to the hive; Depending on the type of hive and the size of the entrance, you may need other tools, such as tacks, staples, nails, or wooden boards to secure the strip in place.


Apply Polyvar as soon as possible after the last harvest, if possible with still a minimum of nectar flow from the bees, so that the bees make numerous passes through the door and consequently through the strips. Keep the strips for 9 weeks; if after 9 weeks there is a continuous fall of mites, prolong the treatment, but do not exceed 4 months of treatment in order not to develop resistance of Varroa to Flumethrin.

All colonies present on the same apiary must be treated at the same time.


One strip per hive contains 275 mg of Flumethrin.

How to place the Polyvar Bayer strips
Bayer's presentation of the Varroa Polyvar strips

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