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"LEGAITALY" anti-theft system for Dadant hive

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- It allows you to monitor the movements of the hive, without disturbing the activity of the Bees.

- The anti-theft "LEGAITALY" is integrated into the wooden canvas and does not take away space from bees and turns out to be completely invisible.

- Download the "Legaitaly" app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

- Thanks to a sensor, the app monitors the temperature and humidity inside the hive.

- The app sends a notification to your mobile phone when it detects a vibration and constantly checks the location of the hive on the map connected to Google Maps. (The location can be constantly monitored even without an alarm.)

-It is easy to use and thanks to the use of rechargeable batteries the hive never remains without cover and can be replaced on the spot.

To activate the anti-theft you need to purchase an annual subscription. (art. 8121900)