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"B" system in nest frame for Dadant hive

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"B" system in nest frame for Dadant hive

With the B System Theft Begin a new era in Beekeeping.

It allows to monitor in real time the movements of the hive, without disturbing the activity of bees.
When a movement is detected, the system "B" activates and starts to trace all the movements of the hive.
The anti-theft system is integrated in the wooden frame, does not take away any space from bees and is completely invisible.
The APP sends a notification on the mobile phone when the alarm is triggered and checks the position of the hive in real time on the map.
The APP is provided free of charge, which each user can download from App store and Google Play and one year of free data traffic for each burglar alarm (annual subscription € 20.00 starting from the second year).
To download the APP, visit www.beeing.it
The system is activated only in the presence of an anomalous event and therefore keeps the management costs low.
It does not emit any kind of wave, it always stays in stand-by and it does not disturb bees in any way.
The system uses both a GPS and Bluetooth connection, so it can also be found in areas where there is no network connection.
The batteries of the anti-theft system "B" (AA AA stylus Batteries) are easily replaceable and have a life of one year.

Price: 229,99 € 188,52 € + VAT

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