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Glass observation Single Frame Dadant Beehive

Code: 1240L

Price: 220,00 € 180,33 € + VAT

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Glass observation hive, for one brood frame and one super frame Dadant.

This special hive with transparent walls, is used for educational sessions, to show students the structure of a hive and the life of bees, or for setting up promotional showcases, so customers can see your bees and honeycombs live.

The hive is equipped with two movable sliding wooden walls to cover the glass walls, as bees accept exposure to light for a short time. Between the brood frame and the super frame is the queen excluder. In the upper part there are four food plastic feeders, each closed by its lid.

Transparent walls are made of glass, solid, resistant and non-deformable.

One of the 2 walls is fixed to the support, while the other wall is movable and fixed by a metal hinge, simple and convenient to open. The roof and the support for the feeders, on the other hand, have been designed interlocking, without the use of screws or other.
If you use hive outdoors, it should be fixed to a stable support to prevent overturning due to gusts of wind.

Designed and made entirely in the Lega factory, the observation hive is Made in Italy, but above all Made in Lega.


Width: 57.5 cm
Height: 60 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Weight: 10 kg

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