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Honey processing Line COMBILINE 96

Code: 55096.

The professional honey processing line “COMBILINE 96 Lega” can be configured to process up

to 96 Dadant frames or 72 Langstroth Hoffman frames.
It comprises the following machines and equipment.

Basic configuration:
• Support table for the super, with manual deboxing.
• DV5 automatic uncapping machine with electrically heated knives, swinging vertically.
• Motorised stainless steel chain frame conveyor to automatically collect the frames at the outlet of the uncapping machine before loading them into the extractor.
• Horizontal honey extractor with inverter, cage with 4 partitions automatically positioned during the loading phase, automatic lid opening and closing and work program including adjustment of the honey extraction cycle time (max 250 rpm).
• Frame collection unit at the outlet, set on two stainless steel rails.
• Power supply: 380V-50Hz
• Max absorbed power: approx. 9.4Kw/h

Length approx. 740cm
Length approx. 250cm
Loading height (frame loading inlet) approx. 145cm

Optional equipment:
• Cappings screw press with inverter and run/stop cycle timer, power supply 220V-50Hz
(max absorbed power: 0.75Kw/h)
• Single-walled honey collection tank.
• Double-walled, heated honey collection tank, power supply 220V-50Hz (max absorbed power:
• Impeller pump G90, power supply 220V-50Hz (max absorbed power: 0.75Kw/h).
• Roller unit to convey empty supers to the frame outlet area.
• Air compressor.

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