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Professional Radial Extractor AIRONE VARIO 42 Frames Dadant

Code: 5090R

Price: 5.340,00 € 4.377,05 € + VAT

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Continuous improvement has always guided our research and our production. An improvement that has led to equip our PROFESSIONAL HONEY EXTRACTORS with the new RD2 system:

• 1.3 kW three-phase electric motor powered single-phase, with integrated inverter in the lower area of ​​the honey extractor.

• Small low voltage (24V) control panel also complies with the American ULCSA standards.

• Positioning of the side control panel on the beam for better accessibility.

• In addition to the functions of the previous system that remain unchanged, the possibility of having a user-programmable cycle of up to 6 work phases has been added, in which the rotation speed of the stand and its rotation speed can be set for each of these directions of rotation (clockwise / anticlockwise). The total cycle time set is automatically divided equally for each phase making up the work cycle.

• For each selected program the cycle time set is the real time of the work cycle, the times necessary to execute the acceleration and deceleration ramps are not considered, in these periods the time counter stops.

• The stainless steel cage is laser cut and designed to hold 42 super frames Dadant.

• The stainless steel container has a diameter of Ø 990 mm, the upper edge is rolled up to obtain greater axial rigidity and the bottom has a particular double conic shape that collects the honey towards the tap.

The AIRONE professional honey extractor is designed to last over time and to guarantee reliability and stability.

The vat and the cage are in stainless steel, as required by the legislation on materials in contact with honey.

No limit to the number of frames to be honey extracted, Lega honey extractors will accompany you over time, as only a quality product can do.

The extractor is MADE IN ITALY, which means that it has been designed and built within the Lega factory, with all the experience and quality that has always characterized us.


- Professional use
- Programmable with 6 work phases
- Food grade stainless steel AISI 304
- CE marking
- Made in Italy
- Stability and strength thanks to the steel legs
- Easy to clean
- Easy to use


Vat Material: Stainless Steel
Cage Material: Stainless Steel
Vat diameter: Ø 99cm
Cage: radial
Maximum rotation speed: 400 rpm
Frame type: Dadant Super
Capacity: 42 frames


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