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Manual Tangential Extractor QUATTRO 2/4 Dadant Frames + Ripener and Filter

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QUATTRO Manual Tangential Honey Extractor in food-grade stainless steel, for 4 super Frames or 2 Dadant Frames, diameter ø 380 mm.

The honey extractor is made up of 3 parts: Upper, Central, Lower.

The upper part is composed of the honey extractor with the perforated bottom to drain the honey downwards.

The central part is the removable stainless steel mesh filter.

The lower part is made up of the 50 kg ripener, with Ø 40 mm plastic tap.

Also included are two transparent half-lids to cover and protect the honey extractor.

Although small in size, the honey extractor is made of food-grade stainless steel, sturdy and solid like all Lega honey extractors, and is suitable for small honey extraction workshops.

Easy to use, quick to clean and resistant are the strengths of this super compact honey extractor.

This honey extractor is one of the small sized honey extractors in the Lega range, but it has the same quality as our entire line as it is made with the same components used for the larger honey extractors. The vat and the cage are in stainless steel, as required by the legislation on materials in contact with honey.

The shape and structure of the extractor make it solid, stable and long-lasting. No limit to the number of frames to be honey extracted, Lega honey extractors will accompany you over time, as only a quality product can do.

The extractor is MADE IN ITALY, which means that it has been designed and built within the Lega factory, with all the experience and quality that has always characterized us.


- Food grade stainless steel AISI 304
- Made in Italy
- TIG welding
- Small and Compact
- Easy to clean
- Easy to use
- All included Extractor + Filter + Ripener


- Extractor body material: AISI 304 stainless steel
- Transmission: Bevel gears
- Cage material: stainless steel
- Diameter of the vat: 378mm
- Diameter of the cage: 365mm
- Height of the cage: 390mm
- Code of the cage: # 4517600
- Capacity: 4 super Frames or 2 Dadant Frames
- Tap diameter: 40 mm

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How to mount the conical transmission
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