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Small glass jar 50 gr capacity with twist-off cap

Code: 6939

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Glass jar MADE IN ITALY for 50 gr of honey, with twist-off lid

The price is intended for the single jar.

The glass jar is the perfect container to pack your honey, because it is resistant and safe. The glass is thick, suitable for food use, washable and sterilizable.

The jar is produced in Italy, and therefore made in high quality.
The jar is completely smooth so you can place any type of label.
The cap is white.
The jars are compatible with all honey potting machines, both for manual potting.

Technical data

- Capacity: 50 grams of honey
- Empty weight with cap: 63 grams
- Empty weight without cap: 58 grams
- Weight of the cap: 5 grams
- Upper part diameter: 34 mm
- Height: 50 mm

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