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Our family-run business was established over seventy years ago. Since then, we have built up in-depth experience by spending time with both bees and beekeepers. Initially amateur, as time went by we became professional beekeepers. At the same time we began producing custom-made beekeeping equipment, initially for ourselves, then for an increasing number of beekeepers. We also bred queen bees for around a decade, in order to satisfy the demands of beekeepers in the region of Romagna. This experience led us to produce the equipment best-suited to carrying out this kind of work, in a sector which is currently expanding due to a healthy return to nature and its most genuine products.

We concentrate on designing, testing and producing the equipment necessary for beekeeping, be it for a client’s hobby or profession. We believe that only top quality products can obtain and maintain market shares. Consequently, we take care to improve the quality of our goods continuously, using the most modern, technologically advanced production machinery currently available. Much of the machinery we use has been designed and built especially for us. In-depth research into quality is always accompanied by the continuous, careful updating of the functionality of each and every tool. This enables us to achieve two results contemporarily: universally acknowledged quality, and a reasonable price, only possible if processing criteria are technologically innovative.

Although we tend to mass-produce, we are also ready and able to develop special machinery. This versatility means we can satisfy the demands of those beekeepers who need to personalise important pieces of equipment. Our company, now counting the third Lega generation amongst its team members, avails itself of the expertise of 35 employees working in dispatching, our mechanical workshop, carpentry, wax processing, our warehouse, technical office and administrative offices. Our two factories, in Via de Crescenzi and Via Maestri del Lavoro, currently cover a surface area of 6500m2. This means we have a large quantity of materials at our disposal at all times, in order to deal with the orders we receive from all over the world both quickly and accurately. Our doors are open should clients wish to pay us a visit, during which they can take a look at materials, talk to us, clarify any doubts they may have and chat to our technicians. We always have a large in-house stock, so clients can purchase materials and take them away immediately. This enables them to save the cost of packing and freight and transport charges. Alternatively, materials can be delivered. Our delivery department will deal with this quickly and carefully, making sure clients receive the goods they have ordered, either by their chosen means of transport or the one we feel is most convenient for them. Most importantly, you will have the certainty of purchasing materials “produced by beekeepers for beekeepers”.




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Beekeeping is a world in constant development and growth, because people have discovered that they cannot live without the bees and the honey they produce.

Choosing to become a Lega reseller means relying on an Italian company that makes quality its main objective. Customers who choose Lega products know they will find strong equipment, environmentally friendly, compliant with regulations and of excellent and recognized quality.

We offer our dealers consulting, pre and post sales assistance, exclusive conditions and a direct channel with our experts.

Do you want to become a Lega Reseller? 

Write an email to info@legaitaly.com, together we will build your new exhibition space (physical or virtual).