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How to buy

How to buy from www.legaitaly.com

Browse and search the catalog, always click on the product name to enter and see all the features of the product that might interest you.

Put the products you want to buy into your shopping cart by choosing the quantity and pressing the "Add to shopping cart" bar.

When you have finished clicking on the cart always visible in the top right corner, you will see a summary mirror of the selected items, once checked you can proceed with the order by pressing the button " go to checkout".

At this point comes the stage of registration of your data if you are not already registered on the site or the stage of log-in where you enter your data.

After registration, always keep track of the username and password you have chosen as it will be used for future purchases, however, once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email with your registration details to your e-mail address.


If you are already registered, just enter your username and password in the already registered user fields.

After registering you will see a summary page of your data for control and if everything goes well click on "continue", otherwise it will vary any errors and click on "proceed with the purchase".

Choose the payment method and always click on "Proceed with the purchase ".

It then indicates the destination and billing data of the goods.
At this point the order summary arrives, check that all data is correct and press on the "complete order"bar, only after this stage your order is sent.

You will then see a summary page to be printed, however always at your e-mail address you will receive confirmation of acceptance of the order with all the data summarized.


Find products

You can find the products you are looking for using the "search" function in the bar at the top left: enter the "name" of the product or its code if you are already aware of it and the system will list the result of the search.

Your cart

The shopping cart is the place where:

check what you bought: modify quantities or remove products

Choose address for the destination of the goods

choose the payment method

You can always choose and leave the items on your shopping cart even without buying immediately, the goods will remain on your cart even the next day until the moment of final purchase.