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Stainless Steel Honey Tank 50kg

Code: 6000

Price: 119,90 € 98,28 € + VAT

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Ripener in Aisi 304 stainless steel, with a capacity of 50 kg of honey, with lid and tap.

The solid structure and the great quality in the realization of Lega ripeners mean an incredible resistance over time, remaining unchanged over the years, even with intensive use.

Red support is not included in the price and it is sold separately (Art. 6001)


Tank material
: Aisi 304 food grade stainless steel
TIG system (in compliance with the guarantees required for steel containers in contact with food)
Diameter of the ripener:
Ø 310 mm
500 mm
50 kg
diameter Ø 40 mm in food-grade plastic
Stainless steel


The stainless steel ripener is the ideal product for decanting and ripening honey, an indispensable process after honey extraction because it allows impurities to be brought to the surface.

The maturation of honey takes place thanks to the different specific weight of the impurities present inside the honey after honey extraction: impurities such as wax, parts of wood or organic materials will come to the surface naturally, as well as the air bubbles that are they are generated during the previous honey extraction process.

The ripener is designed and manufactured within the Lega factory, Made in Italy and above all Made in Lega.

The product can be placed on the metal support, sold separately (item 6001).

We produce different formats of steel ripeners, to meet the needs of all beekeepers. The 50 kg format is the smallest, but it has all the quality of the materials and the Lega workmanship.


- 100 kg ripener
- 200 kg ripener
- 400 kg ripener
- 500 kg ripener
- 1000 kg ripener


We also produce full-discharge ripeners, which thanks to the shape of the bottom of the tank and the positioning of the tap, allow the honey to be completely tapped once it has matured.

- 50 kg "ZERO" full discharge ripener
- 100 kg "ZERO" full discharge ripener
- 250 kg "ZERO" full discharge ripener
- 500 kg "ZERO" full discharge ripener
- 800 kg "ZERO" full discharge ripener

How a LEGA stainless steel ripener is made

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