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2-in-1 Solar Wax Melter + Uncapping Tray

Code: 7130

Price: 873,00 € 715,57 € + VAT


The 2-in-1 LEGA solar wax melter – uncapping tray is one of the new products for 2021.

Thanks to this product, the beekeeper with a single purchase can take home both a functional solar wax melter and an uncapping tray.
In the solar wax melter version, it is equipped with a perforated tray that holds the impurities and a large collection tray of the melted wax. The glass lid has two side handles for an easy and comfortable grip.

Made of food grade stainless steel, it has a double wall with an insulated cavity so as not to disperse the accumulated heat and accelerate the melting of the wax

By changing the angle of the front legs thanks to the practical side knobs, the solar wax melter quickly becomes an uncapping tray.

The uncapping tray has a wooden crosspiece with a slot where it is possible to place the uncapping knife while processing the frames.


• Food graded stainless steel for professional use
• Made In Italy
• Versatility of the Product
• Economic Saving: 2 in 1!
• Perfect for Small Places
• Great Heat Retention
• Easy to Clean and to Disassemble

Technical data

• Dimensions 650x550x900 mm
• Fabrication Stainless Steel AISI 304
• Stainless Steel Perforated Tray 500x325x65 mm – capacity 8,5 lt
• Stainless Steel Tray 500x325x100 mm – capacity 13,3 lt

2-in-1 Solar Wax Melter + Uncapping Tray LEGA

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