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Honey drier with Rotating Disks 50 Kg

Code: 6792L

Price: 4.414,59 € 3.618,52 € + VAT


The concentrator is a tool for lowering the percentage of humidity of honey. In order to be marketed, honey must have an optimal relative humidity percentage, around 18%.
An high percentage of humidity would lead the honey to fermentation.

Since honey is a hygroscopic food, the percentage of honey's humidity can increase during storage. This is why it's important to check humidity using the myelometer (an optical instrument that allows you to check humidity and sugar level of the honey) and to lower percentage of honey humidity to the ideal value.

The newly designed LEGA disc concentrator uses an innovative technique to obtain a better result in less time than other competitors products.

A powerful fan combined with an electrical resistance sends a continuous jet of hot air onto the discs which, rotating inside the tank, become bathed in honey. The honey thus spreads over the large surface of the discs and is dried by excess humidity.

At the same time, the large disks, which pass two centimeters from the bottom of the tank, also act as a mixer in order to uniform the degree of humidity for the entire volume of the honey.

The extremely high efficiency and very low consumption make this concentrator very convenient.

The small distance of the discs from the bottom of the tank allows the concentrator to be used with very small quantities of honey.

The air introduced into the chamber, filtered by an antibacterial filter that prevents contamination of the honey, is dispersed by special slits created in the top of the lid. This outlet is also filtered by a special filter that prevents dirt or insects from entering the chamber.

Although working with hot air, honey never reaches high temperatures above 45 °C which would change HMF values. In this way, HMF values will remain unchanged.

LEGA concentrator, extremely quiet, does not require any particular maintenance and is very easy to clean with warm water.
Each of its parts can be disassembled in few minutes.

This 50kg version is the smallest model, therefore suitable for beekeepers with not very high quantities of honey. It is also suitable for small quantities of honey per load (even a few kilograms), thanks to the minimum distance between tank and discs.

Designed and built in the Lega factory, the disc concentrator is Made in Italy but above all Made in Lega.


Resistant and long-lasting
Made of stainless steel
Great yield
Easy to clean
It does not affect the properties of honey
Professional use


Dimensions: 65x94x72 cm
Empty weight: 54 Kg
Operating voltage: 220V
Total absorption: 1100 W
Volume of displaced air: 100 m3 / h
Minimum treatable weight of honey: 3 Kg
Maximum treatable weight of honey: 53 Kg
Discs: 10
Rotation speed: 1 revolution per minute
Efficiency: 1%/h

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