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Jacket Astronauta 100% Cotton

Price: 58,90 € 48,28 € + VAT

Astronauta Jacket in white 100% cotton canvas, with 4 pockets, elastic waistband and cuffs. With fully removable mask.
The beekeeper vest is the necessary garment for your apiary work, and is easier to put on than the full suit.

It is very easy to put on and take off, and like the suit it guarantees great freedom of movement and guarantees maximum protection from punctures thanks to the sturdy cotton fabric.

The vest is suitable for both professional beekeepers and hobbyist beekeepers.

The mask guarantees excellent vision to be able to carry out all operations in the apiary. The jacket is machine washable.

The mask must be disassembled and washed separately by hand.

The hinges are wide to ensure resistance and ease of grip even with gloves. The practical pockets are perfect for storing your mobile phone (even large ones), keys and equipment.

The gaiters in the sleeves allow the suit to adhere completely to the arm, thus preventing the sleeves from curling. This detail also effectively protects against bites.

Sturdy 100% cotton fabric, durable and long-lasting, makes clothing Made in Alloy approved by beekeepers for beekeepers.


- Jacket including fully removable mask

- Made with sturdy cotton canvas fabric

- Large pockets for cell phone, keys and equipment

- Elastic cuffs and waistband to protect you more from the entry of bees

Art.3661 - Tg.S

Art.3662 - Tg.M

Art.3663 - Tg.L

Art.3664 - Tg.XL

Art.3665 - Tg.XXL


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