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Solar Wax Melter SOLARIS Stainless Steel

Code: 7150

Price: 1.250,50 € 1.025,00 € + VAT


Inox solar waxer SOLARIS 700x700 mm with double wall in stainless steel with special insulated cavity to allow high temperatures, internal drip tray in stainless steel and perforated tray to retain impurities.

The waxing machine is an indispensable tool to melt wax and obtain transportable and reworkable blocks.

With this solar model, there is no need to use electricity or fuel, because the sun will do all the work. The waxing machine captures the sun's rays thanks to the front glass and prevents heat from escaping thanks to the thick insulated walls.

In this way, the necessary temperature (> 62 °C) is obtained to melt wax, which will be collected by the tray placed inside the waxing machine.
The insulated walls and the whole structure allow to quickly reach very high internal temperatures, in order to quickly melt large quantities of wax.
The tank and the internal parts are made of stainless steel, with a tank capacity of 6 liters.

The front glass is double and tempered, enclosed in a metal frame.

The support allows you to rotate the waxer towards the sun, in order to have the best exposure and optimize the melting of the wax.

The waxing machine can also be used in non-optimal climatic conditions as it is able to exploit all the heat of the sun without the slightest dispersion.

Having no electrical connections, resistances or use of fuels, the solar waxer is the safest tool to melt wax. Stainless steel guarantees an infinite duration.


Completely solar powered
Solidity of stainless steel
Easy to clean
No electricity and No gas
Great efficiency
100% green


Maximum dimensions: 70x70x32 cm
Weight: 41 Kg
Wax Tank Capacity: 6 liters
Walls: Insulated
Glass: Double and tempered

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