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Home / Products / Hives and accessories / Dadant Beehive / Kubik Dadant Beehive 6 Frames with AntiVarroa Bottom Board

Kubik Dadant Beehive 6 Frames with AntiVarroa Bottom Board

Code: 0149

Price: 74,70 € 61,23 € + VAT

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Dadant Beehive 6 honeycombs with Antivarroa bottom fixed on the bottom, hollow cover, lid.

The hive is the first object that the beekeeper finds on his way, because it will be the home of his bees.

The choice of a standard hive in size and construction means that the accessories that the beekeeper will use over time will all be compatible, from supers to antivarroa nets.

The Kubik hive is a hive without a small porch, which makes it more compact and smaller than the hive model with a small porch.
The dimensions of the frames are identical to the frames used for the other Dadant model hives.

Made from only wood and metal, the hive is designed, cut and assembled in our factory by expert carpenters. No glues, resins or paints that are toxic or harmful to bees are used. The hives are assembled using only screws or nails and the paint that covers only the external part is water-based paint.

The internal part of the brood chamber and the roof is not painted in order not to pollute the internal environment of the hive.
The roof is covered with a metal layer on the outside, which protects the wood of the hive from rain and sun. The roof covering is also applied without the use of adhesives.

Spacers of frames are made of metal, as are the solid side handles, which allow you to lift the hive in a safe and stable way.


- Brood chamber with fixed bottom anti varroa in net internal measures - 470x235x350mm

- High frame cable cover with central hole and 4-slot metal disc

- Wooden box lid covered with galvanized sheet metal

- Hardware assembled with door, 3 corner pieces, 2 spacers, 2 eye screws, antivarroa tray, raw mesh

- Gray painted


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