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Solar waxing machine in expanded polypropylene

Code: 7110

Price: 310,20 € 254,26 € + VAT


We have studied a new solar waxer, very economical, expressly dedicated to beginner beekeepers, who have a small number of hives but who are already having to face the problem of recovery of wax, by melting, from both old honeycombs and drained opercula or any residual wax.

The external structure is made up of a container molded in EXPANDED POLYPROPYLENE, a material that has exceptional insulating properties and capable of withstanding high temperatures which through exposure to solar rays are obtained inside the waxing machine.
A 4 mm thick plexiglass plate is inserted on the removable cover, which acts as the tempered glass mounted on the superior class solar waxing machines.

Despite the small size, the functionality as a solar waxer is excellent , allowing you to melt the beeswax and be able to collect it to be able to sell or work it.

The collection tank for melted wax is made of stainless steel  and can hold up to 13,3 liters.

The external structure is placed on a special support, in drawn stainless steel, with an inclination of 15°, and oriented towards the south to make the most of the sun's rays.
The tests we have performed many times over the months in summer they recorded internal temperatures above 102°C . (considering the melting point of the wax is on average 65°C).
To make the most of the waxing machine's capacity, when you have to melt old honeycombs, it is good to remove them from the wood and then cut strips of about 10 cm . to be arranged vertically, next to each other, on the perforated support surface.

Technical data

Measures of the waxing machine: 410x610x340

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