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Beekeeping Coverall Astronauta Professional

Price: 107,10 € 87,79 € + VAT

ASTRONAUTA PROFESSIONAL 100% cotton suit with mask.

Coverall is the must-have garment for work in the apiary, and our LEGA complete beekeeper suit is super easy to put on and take off, guarantees great freedom of movement and maximum protection from stings thanks to the sturdy 100% cotton fabric.

The suit is suitable for both professional beekeepers and beekeepers who have just started their adventure.

The mask guarantees excellent vision to be able to carry out all operations in the apiary.

The suit is resistant to washing: you can easily wash it in the washing machine, to effectively remove dirt.
The mask must be disassembled and washed separately by hand. The hinges are wide to ensure resistance and ease of grip even with gloves. The practical front and side pockets are perfect for storing your mobile phone (even large ones), keys and equipment. The zippers along the entire leg allow you to comfortably wear the suit even with boots or shoes already worn. It is therefore not necessary to take off the boots to wear it and it can also be worn standing up.

The mask has been designed to stay away from the face at all times even when bending over to work on the hive, so as not to be stung on the face or head. The practical front zip allows you to open the mask without removing all the protection; in this way you can answer your mobile phone or reach your face with your hands in a second.

The gaiters in the ankles and sleeves allow the suit to adhere completely to the body, thus preventing the legs or sleeves from curling.

This detail also effectively protects against bites.

100% cotton fabric resistant and long-lasting, Made in Alloy clothing is approved by beekeepers for beekeepers.


- Beekeeping suit complete with REMOVABLE VEIL with frontal opening.

- Perfectly aerated even in the back- Made with soft and robust fabric 100% cotton- 5 deep pockets (1 of them with zip)

- Rubber bands on wrists, ankles and belt

-  High-quality double zippers that allow an easy complete frontal opening of the suit from the neck to the ankles even when wearing boots and bulky clothes.

Clothing certified by TÜV.


The following table shows the main measures to choose the right size suit. Measurements are in centimeters. To facilitate the measurement, in the product image on this page you will find the diagram and the relative point where to take the measurement. The measurements have a tolerance of +/- 1cm and were carried out with the suit lying flat and with relaxed elastic bands.
The measurements are taken by spreading the product on a flat surface and are not intended as measurements of the person.

A 160 166 172 178 184
B 64 66 68 70 74
C 57 59 61 63 66
D 62 64 66 68 70
E 38 39 40 42 44
F 50 52 45 56 58
H 31 32 33 34 36
I 60 63 66 69 72
P 79 82 85 88 91

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