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Steam Wax Melter Elektra 15

Code: 7090

Price: 1.069,60 € 876,72 € + VAT


The wax melter is an indispensable tool to reuse wax in complete safety and comfort, because it allows you to transform old wax into new wax ready to be reused.

Electric model is the safest on the market, because it does not use fuels and can be used inside the laboratory. No flames, no risk of reaching too high temperatures, maximum profitability.

Only water is used to heat the wax, without the use of chemicals products. By using water you can also be sure of maintaining a controlled temperature throughout the processing cycle, without damaging the wax.

This model can contain, inside the perforated sheet metal frame holder, up to a maximum of 15 Dadant frames or 30 Dadant super frames or the equivalent in volume.

You can dissolve both the squeezed cappings and the old frames, placing them in the waxer complete and without removing them from the frame.

The wax will completely melt by the steam generated by the electrically heated boiling water through the 2000 W resistance and will flow out into a plastic tray (included).

Wires of frames are not damaged and can be re-tensioned. Frames can be reused without being damaged during the process.

The wax produced is ready to be reworked or sold, because it will be safe, clean and already in the form of a stick.

Wax Melter is made of stainless steel, a material suitable for high temperatures and safe for contact with wax. Easy to clean and durable over time.

The waxing machine is produced and assembled inside the Lega factory, which therefore makes it Made in Italy and above all Made in Lega.


- Use in the laboratory
- Maximum safety and temperature control
- Easy to clean
- Resistant
- Use of water only


- Dimensions: 750 x 520 x 850 mm (L1 x L2 x H) (maximum size) 

- Dimensions of main chamber: 592 x 410 x 617 mm (L1 x L2 x H)

- Weight: Kg 25

- Resistance absorption: 2000 W

- Power supply voltage: 220 V

- Material: Stainless Steel

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