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"HONEYPACK" full automatic; Dosing/Filling/Closing/Labelling

Code: 6996.

HONEY FILLING MACHINES «HONEYPACK», fully automatic machine that fills the cylindrical jars by means of a vertical pneumatic dosing head with accuracy of ± 3gr.
This verti cal fi lling head has been successfully used all over the world for more than 35 years.
It is easily and quickly adjustable in weight from 250 to 1000gr. It is fed by a rotati ng loader that
transports the cylindrical empty jars to the fi lling position.
The capping with metal twist-off caps is fully automatic, served by a feeder and magnetic
placer for the conti nuous positi oning of the caps which are screwed down by a pneumati c
controlled- screwer.
The filled jars are transported by a “star” system and closed aft er fi lling with a metal “twist-off ” cap.
A short belt conveyor is used to convey jars to the final labelling stati on for label applicati on from selfadhesive labels in roll.

Dimensions 2920x1800x1800 mm
Loader diameter Ø 650 mm
Worktop height 850 mm
Weight 700 Kg
Capacity 450 Kg/Hour
Accuracy ± 3 gr
Adjustment 150-1000 gr
Self-priming 1000 mm
Input voltage 220 V
Air input 6 bar
Absorpti on 1500 W

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