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Home / Products / Hives and accessories / Nuc Boxes / Polystyrene Nuc Box Dadant 6 Frames

Polystyrene Nuc Box Dadant 6 Frames

Code: 0536

Price: 27,50 € 22,54 € + VAT


6 Frames Polystyrene Nuc Box, made of high density expanded polystyrene.

This nuc box are sturdy, easy to handle and lightweight, perfect for holding spring/summer artificial swarms, transfer colonies or easily increase the size of your apiary.

This model of nuc box is ready to use, it is not necessary to do any intervention.

Our polystyrene nuc box are very insulating. In this way the colonies consume less energy to maintain the temperature in the hive and can therefore devote themselves to the production of brood and the collection of food.


- For 6 Dadant Frames, internal measures 449x231x325 mm

- Polystyrene lid

- Polystyrene door with hole and plastic cap

- Molded polystyrene spacers

- Wide ventilation net on the bottom 320x120 mm



Special price only for limited quantities and until 05/07/2023, valid only online on legaitaly.com website and while supplies last.

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