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Home / Products / Hives and accessories / Feeders / Square Plastic Top Feeding Tray JUMBO Capacity 6lt

Square Plastic Top Feeding Tray JUMBO Capacity 6lt

Code: 2080

Price: 15,99 € 13,11 € + VAT

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JUMBO model rectangular plastic feeder with 6 lt capacity.

Feeders are containers used to feed bees by supplying them with sugary nutrition in liquid form.
We market different models, according to the needs of the beekeeper.

This model of external feeder with a rectangular base with lid is the largest we make, because it can contain up to 6 liters of nutrition.

It is positioned perfectly above the cable cover (between the cable cover and the roof), taking care to position the hole in the feeder centered on the hole in the inner cover.

Made of food-grade plastic, it allows to provide nourishment without disturbing the colony. Supplied with lid to prevent looting.

Dimensions: 330x400x70 mm

Capacity: 6 liters

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