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Home / Products / Hives and accessories / Queen Excluder / Queen Excluder Metalwire Dadant 12 Frames

Queen Excluder Metalwire Dadant 12 Frames

Code: 2240

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Queen excluder made of galvanized steel, for Dadant beehive 12 frames.

An indispensable accessory for the beekeeper, the queen excluder is a separation grid between the beehive and the super, to prevent the queen from passing towards the Super. Worker bees will be able to pass through it to store honey in the super, and the queen will not be able to use the super frames for the brood.

The metal queen excluder is the strongest model and it is the best one. Using a quality steel of the right thickness is essential for durability and not to ruin the colony.

This model is frameless, made for Dadant hives of 12 frames.


Dimensions: 500x500 mm

Material: Galvanized steel

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