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Semi-automatic uncapping machine "DV2" for Dadant super frames

Code: 4350

"DV2” SEMI-AUTOMATIC UNCAPPING MACHINE. We have developed this simple uncapping machine which is lighter and less expensive than our professional DV4 model, but has all of the characteristics of robustness and reliability that characterize our products.

The working principle of this uncapping machine is the same of the larger version:stainless steel,
electrically heated serrated knives swinging horizontally (noiseless operation), frames are fed
on stainless steel rails operated by a motoreducer.
Also this version is fitted with a special device for uncapping cells under the frame wooden borders.
The only differences consist in the absence of an automatic feeding system for the frames, which
are introduced into the machine a little at a time, through an inclined chute. In addition to this, the
machine does not rest on the ground but is placed on an uncapping tank or other suitable support.

Construction AISI 304 stainless steel
Capacity 7 frames/minute
Dimensions 77x87x60
Weight 45Kg
Motor 0.37W
Heating 1400 W
Knives serrated in stainless steel
Feed chains in stainless steel
Feed rate 6 frames

Price: 6.000,00 € 4.918,03 € + VAT

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