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Cappings scratcher with plastic handle

Code: 4260

Price: 11,90 € 9,75 € + VAT

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Uncapping fork, with ergonomic plastic handle and chromed steel teeth.

This fork model is our basic model and should not be missing from your tools if you are uncapping by hand.

The optimal length of the teeth allows the caps to be opened easily, without damaging the cells.

Uncapping, the initial phase inside the honey processing laboratory, consists in removing the caps, which are nothing more than the way in which the bees close the cells where they deposit the honey.

The wax caps seal the cell and protect the honey, preventing it from escaping.

The wax and honey that are removed by uncapping can be processed to separate the operculum from the wax.

An uncapping fork must be sturdy, so it doesn't bend during processing and have a solid grip, so you can work as best as possible without getting injured.


Material: Steel and Plastic

Weight: 100gr

Dimensions: 22cm x 7cm

Teeth length: 3.5cm

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