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Small Electric Uncapping Machine

Code: 4290

Price: 1.351,60 € 1.107,87 € + VAT

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This LEGA uncapping machine is a perfect little uncapping machine, all in stainless steel*.

It is equipped with a 300 mm long electrically heated edge blade, controlled by a thermostat.
Its horizontal oscillation occurs by means of a small gear motor.

Its operation is simple: just slide the honeycomb to be uncapped onto the frame holder guides from top to bottom, passing first one face then the other over the blade. The capsules thus cut fall onto the drainer of the counter.

The different inclination of the frame varies the incidence of the blade and therefore the depth of the cut. When the frame is fully tilted, the blade cuts flush with the wood.

The supports for the frames can be modified in support width, in order to adapt to any size.
The thermostat allows you to change the temperature of the cutting blade, in order to select the optimal temperature for the uncapping of the frames.

A practical and compact uncapping machine for those who have few hives but want to rely on the precision of a mechanical blade.
The electric bench uncapping machine has been designed to be placed on our workbenches.

With this uncapper you can work up to 150 frames in one hour, allowing you to speed up your work.

Designed and built in our factory, the bench uncapping machine is the result of the Made in Italy quality and all the Lega experience.


Easy to use
Easy to clean
Made in Italy
Resistant over time


Manufacture: AISI 304 stainless steel

Maximum dimensions: 520x420x250 mm

Motor power: 250W

Power consumption: 880 W

Power supply voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50Hz

Temperatures reached: from 40 ° to 120 ° C

Production capacity: 150 frames / h

Weight: 15 kg

* The brackets and adjustment screws are made of plastic

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