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Steam wax melter "VAPOR 15", stainless steel

Code: 7080

Price: 801,10 € 656,64 € + VAT

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“VAPOR 15” steam wax melter, with stainless steel rectangular body with 4 legs and underneath
gas burner, for heating the water in the tank bottom. The basket can hold 15 Dadant deep frames or 30 super frames or the equivalent. Dry cappings and also old frames can be melted without cutting them away from the frame, which is placed intact inside the melter. Wax melting is obtained by steaming it (boiling water). melted honey then flows out into the 7 l plastic receiving basin supplied as standard. The frames wire will remain intact and it will be only necessary to use the wire crimper to reste it. Dimensions: 410x600x620mm.
The gas burner is not included.

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