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Electric Wax Melting Tank 25 Liters

Code: 7412

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Double-walled melter for wax, capacity 25 lt, with electric heating and thermostat. Manual temperature control 30/120 °C.

The melter uses the bain-marie technique, by indirect heating to avoid overheating of the wax, which would seriously damage its color, smell and texture. In the fuser it is possible to use water or diathermic oil as heating liquid, depending on the use.

The capacity is 25 liters with electric heating via thermostat.

The 25-liter version is the smallest we produce, but it has all the features of the triple-wall sterilizer and allows you to melt the wax in the laboratory, in a very clean way and in full compliance with safety regulations.

The melter is a very useful machine for those who produce candles and wax sheets, who therefore need to quickly melt the beeswax.

When the melter is used in its classic version with temperatures below 90 °C, the resistance simply heats water that must be introduced into the gap between the two containers.

If it is used as a sterilizer, it must be equipped with a particular resistance and the heating liquid must be diathermic oil, suitable for high temperatures, instead of water.

The thermostat, with manual temperature control, allows to keep the wax temperature stable, avoiding dangerous overheating.

Thermal oil is not included.


Safe and long lasting
Stable temperature maintenance
It does not damage the wax
Dual use (fuser and sterilizer)
Compliance with regulations on materials in contact with food products
Stainless steel


Internal diameter: 310 mm
External diameter: 380 mm
Internal height: 300 mm
External height: 400 mm
Capacity: 25 liters
Thermal oil capacity: 20 liters
Power consumption: 1000 W
Ø Taps: ½ inch
Weight: 14 Kg
Heat protection: Polyethylene

The machine is designed and built inside the Lega workshop.

Made in Italy but above all Made in Lega.

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