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Acqua Stop Beekeeping Waterproof Gloves

Price: 21,40 € 17,54 € + VAT

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Acqua Stop gloves in soft fabric covered with waterproof nitrile, very easy to handle.

Gloves to protect yourself from bee stings are essential for working in the apiary. In addition to stings, it is necessary to protect yourself from sunburn, scratches, cuts and abrasions that work in the apiary can entail.

The right glove must offer more than protection and be very comfortable, to allow you to work in the most comfortable way

This model is coated with a special film that makes it waterproof, so as not to get your hands wet while working. In contact with the hand there is the cotton fabric, so as not to create irritation and reduce sweat.

Like all Made in Lega clothing, the glove was also developed following the advice and improvements of beekeepers over time.

The thick cover effectively protects against bee stings and smoker burns.

The extra-long knit sleeve on the arms, with elasticated hem at the bottom, allows you to fully adhere to the suit or protective vest.

The professional leather glove will be a long-lasting accessory, tested by beekeepers for beekeepers.


The following table shows the main measures to choose the right size glove. Measurements are in centimeters. To facilitate the measurement, in the product image on this page you will find the diagram and the relative point where to take the measurement.

8 9 10
A 46,5 46,5 46,5
B 28,5 28,5 28,5
C 10 11,5 12,5

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