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Home / Products / Suits / Beekeeper Suits and Jackets / Cotton Tulle Bee Veil with Round Cotton Hat

Cotton Tulle Bee Veil with Round Cotton Hat

Code: 3560

Price: 25,90 € 21,23 € + VAT

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Round hat mask, in cotton canvas and black cotton tulle, maximum ventilation and visibility, large diameter Ø 400 mm and ease of movement, easy to wear, elastic under the armpits.

Wide visibility is guaranteed by the 360-degree vision, which also allows excellent ventilation of the face and head. The two strings on the sides allow to fix the hat to the face; in this way the mask is firmly fixed to the body and head.

The mask is made of tulle, therefore suitable for beekeepers who are familiar with their bees.

Designed for beekeepers who prefer the mask not included in the jacket or suit, this mask combines extreme protection with great ease of use; it is worn simply by inserting the arms and inserting the rubber bands under the armpits. In this way the mask remains very firm and comfortable.

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