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Round Hat Mask in Aluminum Mesh

Code: 3600200

Price: 34,29 € 28,11 € + VAT


Round yellow hat mask in aluminum mesh for jacket (suitable for art. 3600100, 3603100 or 3605100).

The hat mask was made for beekeepers who want to quickly remove the mask and not have it incorporated in the suit or vest and who prefer the round structure instead of the astronaut structure.

This type of round-shaped mask is very effective as the face is always well spaced from the net, increasing the protection against stings.

Great all-round view and maximum ventilation allow you to work safely and comfortably during visits to the apiary.
The mask comes in one size and fits all male and female builds.

Tip: to improve head protection, some people wear this mask with a baseball cap under the mask, in order to space the mask more from both the top of the head and the face.

Hand washing in cold or lukewarm water is recommended.

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