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Bee brush Long Wooden Handle and Natural Bristle

Code: 3400

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Thick brush with light-colored bristles, featuring a long wooden handle and dense natural bristles.

The brush with a wooden handle and natural bristles is an essential tool in beekeeping for gently removing bees from honeycomb frames without causing harm to them. Made with a solid and sturdy wooden handle, it provides a comfortable and secure grip during use. The bristles of the brush are crafted from natural bristle material, a delicate material that allows for brushing away bees without causing them pain or stress.

This brush is designed to be used before removing the honeycombs, enabling beekeepers to separate the bees from the frames in a controlled and safe manner. The soft bristles of the brush are gently passed over the surface of the frames, successfully collecting the bees without causing any harm. Once brushed away, the bees fall gently back into the hive, allowing the beekeeper to proceed with the removal of the honeycombs without risking the integrity of the bees themselves.

Thanks to this brush with a wooden handle and natural bristles, beekeepers can work efficiently and respectfully towards the bees, ensuring the well-being of the colonies and maintaining a safe working environment for both parties.

Measurement: 50 cm.



Special price only for limited quantities and until 05/07/2023, valid only online on legaitaly.com website and while supplies last.

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