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Home / Products / Apiary / Propolis / Top Net with Gros Grain Cotton Frame

Top Net with Gros Grain Cotton Frame

Code: 2500E

Price: 18,20 € 14,92 € + VAT

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Net to harvest propolis in gros grain cotton and wood, food-grade material and washable, measures 430x500 mm.

The net and the wooden spacers allow the production of propolis because the bees are stimulated to produce propolis and to deposit it on the net, which simplifies the detachment.

Net is placed in the hive, in place of the cover; in this way the bees, with the aim of closing the upper part of the hive, are stimulated to propolyze the holes to try to close the upper part of the hive.

Once it is filled with propolis, the net is placed in the freezer. In this way it's possible to detach propolis, becomes hard and crumbly. Propolis detached in small flakes.

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