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Jute for Smoker 20 Meters

Code: 3912

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Jute in a 20 meter roll to quickly ignite the smoker.

Not all materials are suitable and compatible with work in the apiary. Many beekeepers don't want to use cardboard as a starter or fuel because the high heat it produces annoys the bees.

Used by beekeepers in the past where it was easy to find, Jute is a perfect material as a fuel and as a starter, because it is free of chemical or toxic substances, it does not contain paints and is a textile fiber of vegetable origin.

Jute has always been appreciated by beekeepers thanks to its duration of the smoke and its ease of ignition.


If used to light the smoker (starter), cut out about 40 cm of jute and roll it up to create a cylinder. Light one end with the use of a lighter and, once lit, insert it into the smoker together with the usual fuel (for example Apicalm) and close the lid of the smoker.
Thanks to the ease of combustion, the jute will ensure a very rapid ignition of the material inside the smoker.

If used as a fuel
, cut out the desired amount of Jute and make a tangle that enters the smoker; then light the lower end of the jute and wait a few moments for it to light up.
Once the flame is lit, just insert the jute into the smoker and lower the lid.

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