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Universal Smoker Holder with Magnets

Code: 3911

Price: 38,00 € 31,15 € + VAT

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Universal smoker holder with magnet.

During operations in the apiary it often happens that you have to move around and your smoker is still hot or on.

What to do? It is certainly not safe to place your smoker inside the car or van, as hot parts or contents still glowing inside can be dangerous.

The universal metal smoker holder is really useful, because thanks to its powerful magnets it can be positioned and fixed on any metal surface, including your car or your van.

It can be placed on the outside of your vehicle, so you can safely transport the smoker when it is still hot.

Made of solid metal, indestructible, it adapts to any smoker thanks to its universal measures.

You can move from one apiary to another without having to store the smoke inside your vehicle; the rubber protection allows you not to damage the paint of your car or your van.

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