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Home / Products / Didactic material and merchandising / Photographic kit - frames for teaching hive - 38 Cards

Photographic kit - frames for teaching hive - 38 Cards

Code: 7911

Price: 118,90 € 97,46 € + VAT

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Photo series with 10 brood frames and 9 super frames.

The educational photo kit allows students to show or demonstrate the life of bees inside a hive, perfectly simulating the various frames inside. The kit includes both nest and super frames.

These laminated cards depict exactly what a beekeeper finds when opening a hive: photos of honeycombs well covered by bees.

There is a card with a beautiful queen, a honeycomb with royal cells and the side honeycombs with stocks of honey and pollen.
The kit contains both the photos of the honeycombs from the nest and the super frame.
Cards must be applied on both sides of a frame by means of drawing pins or double-sided tape.
The photographic print quality is excellent for a realistic effect.

Cards are made of thick cardboard and are plasticized, in order to withstand the various demonstrations or lessons over time.

The kit includes only the prints, does not include frames, hive or wax.

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