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Hot Chamber 300Kg with Insulated Walls

Code: 6715L

Price: 2.061,70 € 1.689,92 € + VAT


Hot chamber 300Kg with insulated walls.

The hot chamber with insulated walls is used to liquefy crystallized honey by heat. The heat, generated with internal electric heating with forced air circulation, allows the honey to be melted at a constant and controlled temperature.

Hot Chamber can store 300 kg honey drum, 8 to 12 25 kg cans or an equivalent quantity of honey in jars.

Air heating is produced by a 2000 W electrical resistance, the circulation of hot air is produced by a tangential electric fan with a low electrical absorption.

The hot chamber has an electrowelded load-bearing structure that supports prepainted sheet metal panels with expanded polyurethane insulation.


- Maximum quantity of honey: 300kg
- Easy to move
- Maximum resistance over time
- Highest build quality
- Digital temperature control
- Constant and controlled temperature to preserve honey
- Can be placed on pallets


External dimensions: 1000x1000x1310 mm
Internal dimensions: 685x720x1120 mm
Capacity: 1x300 kg drum, 8-12 25 kg cans
Weight: 65 kg
Maximum total absorption: 2050 W
Air circulation: 280 m3/h forced with fan
Instrumentation: digital thermostat

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