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Warming Cabinet for Honey

Code: 6705

Price: 1.734,00 € 1.421,31 € + VAT


Lega honey melting cabinet with insulated walls for crystallized honey. This electrically heated cabinet allows for a controlled increase in honey's temperature, liquefying it without altering its nutritional values.

Controlled heating is crucial to preserve the quality of honey. Using the Lega honey melting cabinet ensures precise temperature control inside, along with mechanical ventilation, for professional honey processing.

The cabinet can hold 2 containers of 25 kg each or 72 standard 1kg jars, slowly heating them through forced circulation of hot air from thermostatically controlled electric resistors, resulting in the liquefaction of crystallized honey. 

The cabinet is made of stainless steel and features a transparent door with a magnetic closure. The display enables precise and clear temperature monitoring.

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