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Home / Products / Honey liquefiers / Honey liquefier cabinet / Small warming cabinet, stainless steel, 460x540x1160 mm

Small warming cabinet, stainless steel, 460x540x1160 mm

Code: 6705

Price: 1.619,00 € 1.327,05 € + VAT

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Small warming cabinet with insulated walls to make crystallised honey liquid. This electrically heated cabinet allows you to always have liquid honey. It contains 2 cans of 25 kg or 72 jars of 1 kg which are slowly heated by the forced circulation of hot air supplied by thermostated electric resistances and cause the liquefaction of crystallised honey. The cabinet is made of stainless steel and has a transparent door with magnetic closure. Through this procedure the honey returns to liquid in the 1 kg jars within 4/6 hours and the labels are not damaged. The cabinet has an elegant and space-saving line, thanks to its vertical shape. The digital controls on the display are easy to understand and use.

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