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Honey pump, electric single-phase motor 220 V

Code: 6620

Price: 2.085,80 € 1.709,67 € + VAT

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HONEY PUMP with stainless steel body and food-grade Ø 90mm rotor, complete with two stainless steel fi tti ngs for plasti c-reinforced Ø 50mm pipes. Selfpriming, with a SINGLE-PHASE motor, 195 pm right or left rotati on. Mounted on a two-wheeled barrow. NOTE: do not run the pump without honey or water.

Capacity 25kg/ minute
Speed 195 RPM
Input voltage 380 or 220 V
Absorpti on 750 W
Pipe connectors Ø 50 mm
Dimensions 300x650x670 mm
Weight 34 kg

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