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Professional honey pump with electronic speed variator

Code: 6602

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Professional honey pump with electronic speed variator.  This high capacity

pump is ideal for beekeepers who need to move large amounts of honey in a short ti me. It has a
stainless steel body and a food-grade neoprene Ø120mm rotor, and comes complete with two
stainless steel fi tti ngs for plasti c Ø 60mm pipes. This is the bigger version of our most successful basic impeller pump which we have been off ering to beekeepers for over forty years.
Self-priming, with a three phase electric motor with mechanical speed reducer served by an inverter which allows accurate, simple adjustment of the rotati on speed between 40 and 240rpm in both directi ons, to adapt it to honey viscosity or sensiti vity. The specifi ed capacity is for both
0 meters and 5 meters head. The whole unit is very compact and mounted on a stainless steel trolley fitted with a handle, an easy access control panel with inverter and four wheels two of which are fitted with brake.

Capacity-lowest speed 14 kg/minute
Capacity-highest speed Kg 67/minute
Lowest speed 40 RPM
Highest speed 240 RPM
Hose fi tti ngs Ø 60 mm
Absorpti on 1.100 W
Dimensions 380x750x830 mm
Weight 61,0 Kg
Input voltage 220 V

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