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Professional pollen dryer, 10 drawers, stainless steel

Code: 8230

Price: 1.936,01 € 1.586,89 € + VAT

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Professional insulated pollen drier to dry 15-20kg of pollen in 24 hours. Air heating is obtained by means of 2x500 W. electric resistors with thermostat. Hot air is circulated by a fan. The outside structure is the same as the Honey Liquifier cabinet (item 6705). The lid is removable when the machine is used as a pollen drier, to let damp air out.

Construction stainless steel 0.8 and 1.0 mm
Outside dimensions 540x440x1170 mm
Inside dimensions 365x365x845 mm
Mesh bottom drawers no. 10 in stainless steel
Input voltage 220 V
Absorption 1000 W
Heating 500+500 W
Weight 48 kg

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