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Home / Products / Royal jelly and pollen / Pollen Traps / Professional pollen traps for Kubik hives

Professional pollen traps for Kubik hives

Code: 2407

Price: 64,90 € 53,20 € + VAT


Professional pollen traps for Kubik hives. This product has been developed from the experience of professional beekeepers who have studied this specific subject for many years and have achieved excellent results. The trap is placed at the hive entrance, easily fixed to the front wall. The screen has round holes and is fitted with supports for the bee’s legs; at the trap front, there are 6 clear plastic cones serving as oneway exit for the drones. The collection tray has a stainless steel wire mesh bottom and a capacity of 3,300cm³ (the average harvested quantity may exceed 500 grams per day).

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