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Professional pollen dryer, with 15 drawers, stainless steel, 1000W

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Professional pollen drier. This equipment is built on the same basic structure of the “Warming cabinet” originally developed to liquefy crystallized honey. Inside the structure a stainless steel frame is placed, fitted with articulated wheels and holding 15 stainless steel mesh bottom drawers for the pollen. In this way, drawers can be filled outside the drier and then re-introduced all at a time into the cabinet. Heating is obtained by means of two 1000 W. electric resistors, each working separately if necessary, and hot air is circulated by a central fan driven by a 180 W. single-phase motor.

Structure construction stainless steel section bars with
polyurethane insulated panels
Outside dimensions 1000x1000x1100 mm
Inside dimensions 700x720x1050 mm
Capacity 15 cassetti in rete inox
Drawer size 500x500x25 mm
Instruments digital thermometer
and thermostat
Electric resistors N° 1x1000 W
Total absorption 1.050 W
Weight 94.0 Kg

Price: 2.970,00 € 3.300,00 € 2.434,43 € + VAT 2.704,92 € + VAT

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