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Api Lavande Lavender Fuel for Smokers

Code: 3913

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Api Lavande in 25Kg bag.

Api Lavande is a completely vegetable fuel for smokers made by transforming the lavender plant into pellet form.

Its formulation allows for a cold smoke, which bothers bees less during the visit to the apiary. Unlike cardboard or other fuels, the smoke generated is better tolerated by bees and also by beekeepers.

Made of French lavender straw, Api Lavande is a completely plant-based and natural product.

A healthy and long lasting smoke thanks to its formula, slow burning to be able to use the smoker for hours, are the main advantages of this product.


Light in the Juta smoker and add about a tablespoon of product. When this is also well lit, add more Api Lavande, depending on how long you want to keep it on.
Attention, Api Lavande must be used to keep the smoker on and not to ignite it.

Api Lavande comes in pellet format with a pleasant lavender scent, is of completely vegetable origin and the smoke produced is not harmful to bees and is not harmful to the beekeeper.

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