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Candito Puro Nectar

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Candito Puro Nectar is a high nutritional value and highly palatable sweet food, complete with all the sugars necessary for the biological and working activity of bees. It is a fundamental food in beekeeping to supplement bee nutrition during periods when the colony needs a source of food.

The purity of the raw material
and the special production process create a perfect nourishment for your bees. Produced in Italy with the strictest process and raw material controls, Candito Puro Nectar is a safe and healthy nutrition in beekeeping.

Completely assimilable and extremely digestible, the special production formula allows for a soft consistency even at low temperatures. It is completely free of starch, chemical additives, and preservatives.

Like all products in the Nectar Line, Candito Puro Nectar is Made in Italy.



Place the candy on top of the hive cover or directly on the frames, opening the center of the package to allow bees to access the food. The product is ready to use. It can be used as a base for the preparation of other nutrients, such as protein cakes.



Candy is normally used in winter months or early spring. Indicatively, the months of use are:

January, February, March, November, December.

The months of administration may vary depending on the geographical area, temperatures, climatic conditions, and also the needs of the beekeeping.



Store in tightly closed packaging in a cool and dry place.
Expiration date: 24 months from production.



Sealed bag of 2.5kg in a cardboard box containing 8 bags. Total weight per box is 20kg.
The image is for illustrative purposes only.



Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup.
HMF: lower than 3mg/kg (practically absent).

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